@_taG   2002 - mixed media 360x170 cm


This triptych represents the state of the Middle East as it stands now. War violence frustration chaos fear paranoia and confusion...At the core of the problem is the Arab Israeli conflict.


The Donald Duck is a Donald Rumsfelt in disguise. He is calling for war ,brainwashing the public and using WMD ( weapons of mass destruction) as his excuse for invading Iraq. The little boy to the left has the Palestinian scarf around his neck (keffiyeh) ,the sign of change (mercury) hanging from his necklace, and he is holding the Jewish Star of David. He represents the future generation of Palestinians and Israelis who will finally find a way to make peace in this area.


The figure to the right has a necklace with the word "Arab" inscribed. It's the Arab tag.

Two years after the beginning of the Second World War a decree, which was issued on September 1, 1941, forced Jews to wear badges within Germany and Poland. These badges were the yellow Star oare not that far from having similar visual labelling for Arabs. .

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