"Morphing archives into science fiction" is a new series where images taken from archives are mixed and manipulated to create fictional realities about the present world . These fictional assemblages reference some of the pressing issues related to power, censorship, control,visibility ,authenticity, appropriation ,


Rest in peace #Beltrame , let’s all give the two fingers to IS !!

Inspired by my visit to palmira's 3D printed arch in Trafalgar Square.

More on that here

Work in progress ,Hahnemühle Bright White Photo Rag mounted on Dibond, 150x100cm

Bullfight on wallstreet between a crypto matador & the bull of wall street tough fight! Enjoyed so much designing his outfit and adding crypto patterns, you'd have to see the closups for more details. More on that here


Closup of my work in progress :) Blockchain taking the artworld by storm. Having fun designing costumes for Mozart’s Magic Flute with crypto inspired patterns! More on that on my blog

Work in progress “The magic of siri in sand land” with blockchain and #cryptocurrencies going mainstream, would u b surprised if siri were to buy you a Rothko while cruising the desert on a camel?  It may may happen sooner than we think as today Google's chief of AI and search JohnGiannandrea moved to Apple to broaden Siri, :)!! More on that here.